this is for all the most receant up to date hacks, glitches, and discussions
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 CoD 4 Split Screen into Ranked, killstreak codes

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PostSubject: CoD 4 Split Screen into Ranked, killstreak codes   Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:44 pm

Put this in MP

set playlist "7"
set clanName "^1IX"
set motd "AV"
set af "vstr af1"
set af1 "vstr afe ; set af vstr af2"
set af2 "vstr afd ; set af vstr af1"
set afe "god ; +attack ; +toggleads_throw"
set afd "god ; -attack ; -toggleads_throw"
bind DPAD_UP "scr_sd_timelimit 00000.1 ; scr_sd_scorelimit 1"
bind BUTTON_X "+activate ; g_gametype sd ; scr_player_maxhealth 10 ; scr_xpscale 0 ; scr_sd_timelimit 0 ; scr_sd_roundswitch 0 ; scr_sd_scorelimit 0 ; set scr_game_allowkillcam 0 ; scr_sd_numlives 0 ; scr_sd_playerrespawndelay 0 ; scr_sd_waverespawndelay 0"
bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu ; ui_allow_teamchange 1"
bind BUTTON_B "toggle timescale 10 1 ; cg_fov 80 ; cg_drawshellshock 0 ; r_lodscalerigid 4 ; r_fullbright 1 ; fx_enable 0 ; r_fog 0"
bind BUTTON_Y "noclip"
bind DPAD_DOWN "god"
set party_connectToOthers "0"
set party_host "1"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "vstr af"


Put this in CM

set gpad_buttonsConfig "default_xboxlive"
set gpad_button_lstick_deflect_max "1"
set gpad_button_rstick_deflect_max "1"
set r_gamma "1"
set g_antilag "1"
set cg_drawsnapshot "1"
set cl_maxpackets "125"
set cg_drawFPS "1"
set cg_drawFPSLabels "1"
set cg_drawLagometer "1"
set scr_game_forceuav "1"
set snd_volume "0.8"
set input_invertPitch "0"
set input_viewSensitivity "4"
set input_autoAim "1"
set gpad_sticksConfig "thumbstick_default"
set perk_weapRateMultiplier "0.000000001"
set perk_weapSpreadMultiplier "0.0000001"
set player_sustainammo "1"
set nightVisionDisableEffects "1"
set ai_corpseCount "0"
bind DPAD_RIGHT "fast_restart ; xblive_privatematch 0 ; xblive_rankedmatch 1 ; onlinegame 1 ; map mp_citystreets"


Bypass using RFOM using these codes.
Turn auto-sign in off before hitting play online, then hit play online to load your stats
Go back and select Split Screen
Change the controller settings to turn on each extra player for diers, then hit continue
Host the game at any map, and make unlimited SnD with unlimited lives, miniscule health, old school mode, and unlimited time
Start the game, press Square on the loading screen repeatedly
Once it starts, switch every player onto one side. Press Right on the dpad and it'll load district, and then repeat that until it says enemies forfeiting. Then spawn
Put your diers all on the S.A.S side.
Press Circle for speed and no-lag, then press L2 for auto-shoot
Press Triangle for no-clip
Down on the DPAD for God mode

*Once the killstreak is over and you end the game, you'll have to go online and join a ranked game then back out for the kills to show up. Also if you end up on a black screen and can't push anything, re-start the game then go join a ranked match and your kills will add on.*
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CoD 4 Split Screen into Ranked, killstreak codes
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